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When I hear that a family seated at the dinner table, has “reflected” with appreciation about their time with me, I find no greater validation of my work. I welcome you to view the impressions and stories that people have shared.

“Heather MacDonald and I worked together twice; she for me and me for her. I’ve often expressed my desire to collaborate on a long term venture. I have the highest regard for her business acumen and personal style.

We first met at a small discussion forum on innovation and quickly realized the potential to work together. When Heather founded Live Loud Adventures she invited me to sit on the board and act as Chief Technology Officer. Heather’s strategy leveraged customer and operating communications using a comprehensive internet-based backbone. In a world of dot com frenzy, Heather kept her focus on technology as a tool and considered it a cornerstone to her vision of success.

At the time I was developing a new technology and working towards launching my own company. Watching Heather build that company from the ground up was an inspiration and great learning experience for us both. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time. I attribute Heather’s diverse skill set, leadership, and respect for other team members to the great successes achieved.

Subsequently we reversed roles and Heather worked for me to help launch my company. I was invited to join a technology export delegation in Hong Kong. Knowing Heather’s exceptional business development and presentation skills, I invited her to join me. In the end, I couldn’t go and Heather represented me and the new technology.

Other delegates worked in teams of two or three and later remarked on Heather’s exceptional performance. In fact some delegates expressed an interest in hiring Heather! At the time however, she was busy asserting her belief that we should launch our new technology in Hong Kong.

Heather made a second trip alone to Hong Kong specifically to raise capital and solicit a potential customer base. It amazes me to this day the quality of research and prospect response she was able to generate. Heather put our company in front of leading telecommunications companies and venture capitalists in Asia. Only the Board decision to keep our development team in Canada prevented these contacts from evolving into long term relationships.

Without question I would work with Heather again, and offer my most sincere recommendation that others not miss that same opportunity.”

— Branko Zurkovic, Upside Wireless Inc., Vancouver, BC

“After working with Heather on several occasions, I can confidently say that Integrity, Professionalism and her passion for her Client Care differentiates Heather from others. I would recommend her personal services to my best friend. I look forward to an ongoing business relationship.”

— Don Andrews, Mississauga

“I've known Heather for several years. I find her capacity to "listen" remarkable. I often wonder if it is this skill that leverages the intelligent, intuitive, and enterprising results of her work.”

— Tanya Lonsdale, Guelph

“Heather digs deep to meet goals; well beyond expectations. In all her business dealings she is compassionate and considerate, yet equally strong in leadership and confidence. Her sound work ethic is at all times framed with intelligence, creativity, and client dedication.”

— Dianne Turnbull, Muskoka

“Heather hits deadlines, communicates, comes up with plans quickly and is unafraid to turn on a dime when circumstances change. She has been easy to work with and is thorough. Faced with a number of challenges over the course of the projects we've worked on, Heather found ways to keep things moving forward in a positive light. She deals well with people who come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise.”

— Dave Roberts, Glacier-Digital Corp., Burlington

“I’ve worked with Heather MacDonald in three different situations and in each case her performance has been remarkable. She’s a multi-talented individual who would be an asset to any organization. Heather’s flexibility, persistence, and leadership qualities showed through every time.

As a director for her company (Live Loud Adventures) I was amazed at her ability to rally resources and generate commitment to a concept. Through hard work and perseverance she took the concept through to market readiness and sales. Within four months of creating the brand image, she had an enviable customer database of individuals and corporations including Cisco Systems and Yahoo. Clearly Heather had succeeded in creating a new market. She had parallel success with operations.

Heather strategically selected all team members including directors, graphic and technical designers, and front line operators. This was an eclectic mix of talent, some of whom had never collaborated in this manner. Heather sought and incorporated their advice, adamant that each person was vital to our success. The stunning result in the eyes of customers and operators was captured on video. Watching this video, one fully appreciates not only the business concept but the powerful emotion evoked in customer and operator testimony.

The courage and persistence of Live Loud showed up again when Heather was asked to introduce a new wireless technology in Hong Kong. With no prior experience in Asia Heather identified target business and venture capital prospects. She then made two trips to Hong Kong as the sole representative for Upside Technologies Inc. The quality of market analysis and business contacts was impressive; the Board was very happy with her work. The analytical and communication skills so well deployed on the Hong Kong trip are ever present in Heather’s repertoire.

She and I sat on the business advisory board of the Advanced Systems Institute. Our role was to listen and advise new and developing technology companies. I always enjoyed those sessions and found Heather’s comments to be sound and productive. Her capability to understand multiple perspectives, disciplines, technologies, and industry traits was very valuable in that venue.

Heather’s diverse industry background repeatedly shows up as great asset. This ability to quickly research and absorb different business dynamics elevates her organizational skills and underpins her success. It is always a pleasure working with her.”

— Dr. Richard Smith, Vancouver, BC

“We would like to thank you for your excellent professional service in the sale of our home at 1702 Wedmore Way, Mississauga (Clarkson).

It seems to us that there were three keys to your success in this assignment:

1. The “Heather Team”
Our house had served us very well for 15 years, and with four children growing up there in their most active years (and many friends!), it needed some work in order to command full market value. You and your team gave us extremely valuable advice on where and how to invest, and managed the resulting project to perfection. As things turned out, our return on investment was very favourable (just as you said!).

In addition, your team included a de-cluttering specialist. We had 15 years of clutter on our own account, and portions of five other households. We really needed help and your team delivered!

2. Steady Strategic Hand
We guess that if someone is selling a home that is exactly the same as every other house in a liquid market (the “no-brainer” scenario), many agents would be able to sell the home at or close to market value. In our case, we needed a more strategic approach.

For historical reasons, our home was newer, larger, and more valuable than those in our immediate neighbourhood. This required a thoughtful approach to pricing, presentation, marketing, and negotiations. Throughout, your advice was right on the mark. This assignment called for real strategic thinking, and you delivered exactly as we needed.

3. Dedication and Energy
Our home was on market for about the market-standard length of time for our neighbourhood and price point, but it was still a month or so of intense effort, mostly yours.

Throughout, your dedication to the task at hand, energy level, and management of all the nervous parties (buyers and sellers both!) was truly impressive.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the service you have provided, start to finish, and we recommend you to prospective sellers and buyers without reservation!”

— Bente and Tom Garner, Mississauga and Niagara-on-the-Lake

“Heather brought amazing clarity to our search for a new home. Soon to immigrate to Canada, we did not know what to expect. With Heather’s help we found our starting point, focus, and a plan. Her guidance led to good decisions. Her friendship sealed the trust we felt then, and will always remember.”

— Yousra El-Sonbaty, Toronto and Vancouver

“I highly recommend Heather as a professional, efficient and reliable Realtor. It was thanks to her expert knowledge and negotiating skills that we were able to secure our first beautiful home in Canada. She continues to be a great source of information and advice for new comers like us.”

— Rajan Mahtani, Canary Islands and Oakville

“We met Heather over a year ago and does this girl know service! We needed good tenants for our rental property, and were asking for this as we approached Christmas and a quiet market.

Much to our surprise, Heather worked her magic and we had a great tenant in place for Jan 1st! A true professional at all times she covered all the legalities for us and did a very thorough job of qualifying our new tenants.

Whether buying, selling, or leasing my properties in the future Heather will represent us because we know we will be well served.”

— Jim and Donna Cousins, Mississauga

I met Heather a few years ago. I picked her “out of the blue” based on her credentials and former experience in the business world, as well as her savvy marketing. I have found Heather to be a well-rounded intelligent individual with an impressive background who has clearly chosen real estate to be her next career path.

Heather’s greatest asset is that she listens. She puts in the time upfront to determine what her client truly wants. She is nonjudgmental and provides sound advice.

Heather is very pleasant and easy to work with. She is not pushy or intimidating but it is obvious that she has the confidence and knowledge to stand up for you in any situation.

Heather clearly does her homework. She is always extremely well prepared and her turnaround time exceeds expectations. She will also go one step further and assist you with referrals of any sort.

I have never felt that I am imposing on her, even as a prospective client. I feel that I can call her at any time to ask for advice and I know that from my viewpoint as a prospective buyer, she will never insist that a particular property is “good enough” or “the best that can be expected”. I believe that she will be my realtor for life.”

— May Fern, Lorne Park, Mississauga

“We were so pleased to meet Heather. Her approachable personality and instant smile really invites trust. In fact, I felt very comfortable referring her even before we'd completed our business together! I knew that she would treat the person referred with warmth and concern.

When she was driving me to different locations and homes to view, I felt her sincere desire to see that my husband and I get the right home. She communicated the process and documentation in such a way there were no misunderstandings.

Thank you for your patience Heather!”

— Al and Ponzie Parsons, Clarkson, Mississauga

“We recently relocated from Montreal to Mississauga and searched the web for a Real Estate Professional. Our search brought us to Heather and after an initial telephone conversation and meeting; we entered into an agreement to work with her to help us find and purchase a home.

During the search period, Heather was attentive to our needs and wants, understood the kind of property we were searching for, and directed us to possibilities that met our criteria.

Heather followed up, researched and handled negotiations in a professional manner, kept us informed at all times and provided insight into the different rules and regulations in the new location. Moreover, she has kept us in touch with information and activities on our new community and has been available to us as a resource person.

I have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

— Jean Marc Berube, Montreal and Mississauga