This program is very special and caters to the senior, and very determined, the homeowner.  We all know one or two and they could be our own aging parents.  My Stay at Home Plan responds like no other and accommodates the now AND the future relocation.

The program has two distinct phases: 1) Support related to the current house and home, and 2) Relocation and sale of the current property at a future date as yet unknown.  Heather’s role in this unique program focuses on the home and property – and uniquely supporting the elder’s goal of staying there as long as possible. We help manage the safety, integrity of your property, scam prevention, and more.  Heather knows this client may never move, yet this house and person living in the house still need attention. Sharing the responsibility with a professional partner is both smart and enjoyable. This is a positive win-win program for our clients and their adult families. If you wanted, they would be happy to share their experience with you.

This initial relationship works beautifully to set the stage for the next relocation of our clients.  During the first stage, we help move forward the declutter process and build trust over time with our primary client.  When it is time to relocation, we are all on the same page and the experience is quite stress free.  Financially speaking, our team are well positioned at this stage to optimize the net dollar sale of property for the client when the time comes and the client wants to sell.

Let´s talk more about how Heather eliminates some of your greatest fears as a family member of the determined elder.