Tips For Staging Your Home

By: Heather MacDonald

Tips For Staging Your Home

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The Spring Market is heating up. If you are planning to sell here are some useful staging tips to get the most out of the sale of your property. 

Take a tour with a realtor or a staging professional and get some outside opinions on what areas you should focus your dollars on and what's needed to get the maximum offers. 

2. First impressions matter. Freshly painted front doors with new mailboxes and house numbers are easy ways to create maximum impact without breaking the bank.  

3. Stick with a warm, neutral palette like tans, taupes, and greys. Avoid dark colours, especially in small spaces (like powder rooms). Keep the ceilings white to keep walls looking tall.   

4. Lighting plays a vital role.  Dark hallways, rooms with little natural light, basements, and bathrooms should be addressed.

5. Flooring is the other main area that always increases the value of a home. It will ALWAYS cost you less to replace worn carpet or add new flooring then to leave it to the new homeowners.

6. Details make a difference. Replace all burnt out bulbs, touch up any nicks and dents in high traffic areas, replace torn screens and fix leaking faucets. Once the fix-ups are done, focus on the pretty stuff. Fresh linens in the bathrooms, a bowl of fresh green apples on a kitchen island, fresh flowers on a dining table or in the entrance way. 

7. Cleaning may seem like common sense, but it is key. This is the time to hire a professional cleaning company. Special attention should be placed on appliances, inside and outside of cupboards, baseboards, and windows. 

8. Giving a room more than one function (i.e. guest room and office) is a great way to effectively show the space.

9. If you have dated cabinetry, cracked and worn laminate counters, chipped or broken tiles, consider investing in repairing and upgrading these rooms.

10. Staged homes sell 2 – 3 times faster and up to 6 percent more than unstaged ones. Just keep in mind that the goal is to show people how to use the space effectively.

Source: Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine