Everything You Need To Know About Garbage Exemption Dates

By: Heather MacDonald

Everything You Need To Know About Garbage Exemption Dates

Tags: Region of Peel, Garbage Exemption, garbage collection, decluttering your home

The Region of Peel allows houses with curbside collection three garbage exemption dates every year. This means you can put out an unlimited amount of garbage on the curb for pick up without the use of garbage tags.

The next garbage exemption period occurs during the week of June 17th – 28th, 2019.

Why is the Garbage Exemption period so great?
The garbage exemption period is great as you can throw out as much garbage as you want without having to pay for extra garbage tags. It is a great opportunity to declutter your home and get rid of items that have just been collecting dust and are no longer of use to you.

Important Things To Note

If you miss these dates don’t fret, the next garbage exemption days fall within the week of
September 16-27th!

If you’re unsure of anything related to garbage collection or garbage exemption periods, be sure to check out the Peel Region website for more information.